Sports League Online Administration System
January 2022

League Administration System

Reduce the burden and the overwhelming effort managing the day to day functions of a Sports League and get some of your valuable time and order back. Most Sport Leagues are run by volunteers with full-time jobs and have their own systems (spread sheets / access databases) but very quickly the running of the League itself turns into a full-time job; keeping records up to date, managing fines, sending out information, keeping track of League Applications etc etc.

The most important piece of information that you need when running a League is the information from your registered clubs. Who is their secretary?, where do I send emails to?, where do I send fines to?, who is the manager of the Under 15 squad? and where is their home ground? And its not just the league who needs this information, other clubs need to know as well as potential new players and volunteers and as we all know this information changes frequently!

Keeping this information up to date requires a lot of work and can get quickly out of date. What better way of keeping this valuable information up to date than getting the club to do it for you!

The Sports League Admin System provides a secure club admin area where all this information can be added and updated without any assistance and once the required information is entered the League will quickly find out the potential for having all of this in one place and the many functions it can provide.

Its secure, backed up daily, fully supported and advice given 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coventry and Warwickshire Youth League
Doncaster and District Junior Sunday Football League
Mid Norfolk Youth League

All the features you need .... and more.

Help With IT League Admin System

Club / Team Directory

The League Admin System greatly reduces the amount of time spent ensuring information required by a league is accurate by allowing registered clubs to create and manage their information within their own secure Club Amin Area.

This serves as a number of functions for the league including the Club / Team Directory.

The Club / Team Directory is a dedicated public web page (styled in your league colours) that you can link to from your own league website that displays relevant information from the club admin area. By allowing registered clubs access to their own secure area, information for the public and for the league can be updated at any time, without the need of league assistance also with the introduction of the new GDPR legislation clubs can also choose what information to display. Plus you will receive emails when anything specific has changed, such as contact details.

Click here for an example

Any appropriate information can be displayed but typically this would include

  • Club Logo
  • Club Secretary / Chairperson / Treasurer / Welfare Officer contact detail
  • Team Name and Age Category (if appropriate)
  • Manager contact detail
  • Coach / Assistant Manager contact detail
  • Upload club/team personnel images
  • Team Colours
  • Home ground address and google map

Online League Applications

Another standard feature of the League Admin System is the ability for clubs to submit their Annual Application Form to the league, ensuring that the required information is correctly entered, including the signing of league agreements.

The system will calculate the total sum ensuring all information has been entered before submitting.

The system will also remind clubs registered on the system to submit their application.

The club and league will receive a confirmation email showing the teams registered, payment and how to pay.

Once the submission has been received, the system will

  • Automatically email clubs reminding them to pay.
  • Issue email receipts.

If the club subsequently enter teams after their submission, the system will also automatically issue email reminders to pay any additional extra costs.

League Charges/Fines

The system can also manage charges and fines issued by the League. Email charges (and fines) with confidence that the correct contact detail has already been entered and is up to date.

The system will

  • Automatically send an email reminding them to respond to a charge.
  • Allow clubs to respond and upload mitigation online in one place.
  • Issue emails on action taken by the league.
  • Create fine based on league decision.
  • Automatically send an email reminding a club to pay the fine.
  • Escalate to penalty notices
  • Escalate further to final notices
  • Issue email receipts.

Various reports are available that monitor those clubs who have not paid and the type of charges/fines issued. The clubs can also check the status of any charges/fines issued in their secure area along with the ability to export the information for their own records.

League Distribution List

As well as the above, the system can create mailing lists. Making it easier to keep in touch with Clubs and Teams. Again, as the clubs contact details are kept up-to-date you can be confident that the mailing list is reaching the right people

Depending upon your requirement, mailing lists can be set up for

  • Clubs
  • All Teams
  • Individual Age Groups

And can be set up so that only specific email addresses can send information.

Other features available

Once the system has detail of a club, many other functions and procedures can be developed that greatly reduce the burden of work carried out by the league.

Some of the features requested by other leagues are shown below, but anything else that a league carries out can be incorporated at any time.

The cost of the online administration system and website is a small annual fee. The fee includes daily backups and a secure area with support, updates, amendments and advice at any time.

Complete the Contact Form for more detail.

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